Yaman Konuralp now offers tuition and insight into the performance, the energy principles and the philosophy behind the The Five Rites i.e. how and why they work, preliminary warm-up exercises, correct breathing, energy sealing, the use of Tibetan mantra’s and how the transition between the Rites are correctly performed to enhance each Rite’s effect and m.m.

The author has practiced the Rite’s for over 15 years daily, and can testify why these 5 simple exercises rate highest among many other Yoga systems to bring positive results on health and body.

Private tuition is given in the heart of Copenhagen. Duration 75 minutes DKK 1000,- with possibility of follow up tuition. If for two persons price 650,- each

Each set of exercises are tailored to fit one’s constitution and physical limitations.

Learn the Rites and judge for yourself.

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